Credit: Gerald Myers

The Green River Bridge, which gave the area its strategic importance, was burned by John Hunt Morgan at the end of his Christmas Raid on January 1, 1863. Union forces in the area repaired the bridge and the
stockade on the bluff above the river. The temporary bridge built in the spring of 1863 was improved after the Battle of Tebbs Bend and by the fall of 1863, a fine covered bridge once again crossed the Green River. 

Credit: John Humphress
This half truss steel bridge was built in 1907 to replace the wooden covered bridge constructed
in 1863.
The present bridge may be built on the original stone abutments on which the wooden
bridge rested. While this is not the original bridge it still adds to the overall setting and feeling of the battlefield.  It is a very significant resource.  It is rumored that some of the lumber from the old covered bridge was used to build one of the barns on the Isaac Tate Farm, now preserved as Homeplace on Green River.