When was the battle fought?

On a hot Saturday morning, July 4, 1863. It was one day after the Northern victory at the Battle of Gettysburg and the same day as the Northern victory at Vicksburg.

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How many soldiers were present at the engagement?

Southern Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan had over 2,450 men with him. This did not include Bragg's commissary train and the African-American slaves of the officers riding with the cavalrymen. Federal Colonel Orlando Hurley Moore was in command of 260 men. He had five regiments of the 25 Michigan Infantry, about 20 of the 8th Michigan and the 79 New York Infantry, and 10 mounted cavalrymen.

How many casualties were on each side?

The Federals lost 6 killed and 24 wounded, two mortally. Two were captured: Pvt. Arbuth Nott had his arm amputated by a Southern surgeon and was exchanged after the battle. Sgt. Norris Merrill was captured and paroled in Campbellsville, Kentucky, as the Rebels moved north. The Confederates lost at least 36 killed, 45 wounded, 30 captured. Four of those captured died in a northern prison.

Who won the battle?

Col. Orlando Moore's infantry defeated Gen. John Hunt Morgan's cavalry, fighting dismounted, in a 4-hour engagement.